If you’re anything like me, you probably can spend hours experimenting with makeup and won’t get tired playing with it.

Here at MakeupByEden, you can discover beauty product reviews, tutorials, and video’s as I explore new product and ideas.

At heart, I’m not only an educated consumer but a makeup fanatic. I love sharing my personal experiences with a hint of my unique personality.

But… it wasn’t always this way, growing up I had no idea makeup would become my full-time career because no one around me seemed to take it seriously.

My makeup career humble beginnings started with me taking a big leap and moving from Ethiopia to America. After getting over the culture shock, I was able to begin working at a makeup counter which gave me a lot of hands-on experiences and the ability to gain in-depth product knowledge about a lot of brands that I admire and love.

Not only that, I have met friends that love makeup as much as I do. Going to work was like going to a candy land for a kid. They understood my passion, they spoke my language, and I have learned a lot from them.

I loved spending time educating people on various techniques and products. As I educated myself and gained experience, I went to IMATS New York conference and was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug to focus on creating content while traveling to discover the true beauty of life.